The New is Live

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Early this morning I launched the newly re-designed and rebuilt built upon the Wordpress platform. It’s a blog for all things related to the electronic music that I produce and release. It’s chock full of nice social networking …

How Apple is Monopolizing the App Store!

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Here’s a perfect example of why Apple bothers me.There are two excellent music streaming iTunes competitors out there. You have MOG and RDIO. The way the work is, you pay a flat monthly fee and can stream your music through the web browser wheneve…

Zombie Apocalypse: RIP

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Saving for posterity.Newsweek had a total kick-ass easter-egg built in to their site. You could go, and with your keyboard put in the Konami code (You know, up up, down down, left, right, left right, b, a, ENTER) and your page would transform to the one above talking about the Zombie Apocalypse. It was totally […]

Kayak “Explore” Shows You Where You Can Go

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Neat service. Put in your starting destination, a price range, and Kayak will map all of your possible destinations. Really great if you want to get out of town and don’t care to where. Kayak Explore:

The Fall of Youtube

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Facebook’s Insignia is Pretty Cool

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The Future of Online Music

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We’re on the cusp of a very interesting revolution. We’ve been tipping the ice burg over the past year or two. It’s the streaming music revolution. This year and next, cloud-based music services are going to explode, and we’re all going to be alon…

YubNub: A keyboard lover’s dream

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Then just try the following:y g google search termsy gmap Asheville NC to Chicago ILy imdb The Shiningy yelp Sushiy tweetit Your twitter updatey bitly And some of the more advanced ones!…

How to turn Gmail in to the Ultimate Social Bookmarking Tool

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I’ve been searching for the holy grail of bookmarking platforms. Something that will let me save bookmarks, tag them, send them to friends (and dialogue about them). Something that lets me and my friends collaborate on our bookmarks. I realized la…

Flash Intros … take a walk

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