Give Gmail all-device “Mailbox-Style” Snooze Functionality Right Now (no add-on req’d)

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Mailbox is awesome, but following the news that Dropbox added Condoleezza Rice to their Board of Directors (and Dropbox owns Mailbox), I found myself wanting something different.  What I loved most about Mailbox was the ability to snooze emails to some later date.  Come to find out, you can set this up with Gmail and it’s not […]

Pinboard Inlined: A Chrome and Safari Add-on

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BIG F**KING IMPORTANT UPDATE! I’ve hit my API limit rather quickly. It’s not cheap to keep it going, so I’ve made this add-on invite only for now. If you want to make a small monthly donation for access, just email me and I’ll set you right up. Hi there. You’ve probably heard of a bookmarking […]

A Music Maker: My History

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I was just reflecting earlier today and realized, I have been at this “making music and putting it online” thing for a long time. Thanks to the magic of I was able to pull out some old versions of my site. It was an interesting process…

Better Pinboard: An Extension for keyboard shortcuts and more

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Chrome User? Download Here! Last updated: June 6, 2012 Better Pinboard enhances popular bookmarking site Keyboard Shortcuts: By default, Pinboard allows you to jump around within the site, but doesn’t give you a whole lot of bookmark navigation or manipulation options. This will also enable you to “leap” to a tag or combination of […]

Facebook vs. The Genuine Article

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Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of facebook in all years. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure this is saying something about Society.

Quickly Close Left/Right Tabs in Safari with this Extension

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Hello all! I wrote this simple Safari Extension that will enable you to simply close all tabs to the left or the right of your active tab from the window’s context menu. I use this quite often to tidy up when I’ve opened a lot of child tabs that a…

The Turnable.FM Ten Commandments

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THOU SHALT: 01. Awesome pleasing songs. Not only does this make Turntable more fun, but it gives DJs feedback on how to adjust their next song to fit what people are liking (or not liking). 02. Leave the booth when you leave your computer. It’s pr…

WeatherSpark is my new favorite weather site

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WeatherSpark is a new, interactive forecasting service that shows today’s weather, along with historical weather for anywhere in the world. It reminds me of a high-grade stock market, finance tool with draggable maps, comparison charting, but for … is Down

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Yep. That is what, the largest online retailer in the world has looked like for the past HOUR (I first noticed at 4:00 EST). When you think about how much money they must be losing every minute, it’s staggering. All category page…

Map: Where Americans are Moving

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This super cool website allows you to pick a county in the US — it will then show you visually how many people are moving in and out of that county each year. I believe the data is from 2008. Red shows people leaving, black shows people coming in…