“Transfer” by dep

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The song is “Transfer” from the new “Start Loving the Robots”Get it here:http://justdep.com/2010/07/start-loving-the-robots/

Start Loving the Robots, the new album by dep, is available today.

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Now shipping on custom Robot USB thumbdrives. Melody, emotion, intricacy and power. These are the corner stones of dep’s latest full-length release, Start Loving the Robots. Sweeping, electronic anthems, bending and melting in to one another, as t…

“It’s the 4th of July” by dep

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Video by revPictures (http://twitter.com/dep) and featuring a sneak peek at the forthcoming new album by dep. More details here: http://justdep.com/2010/07/its-the-4th-of-july/ — Music really starts going at around 1:30 in. :)

“I Love ______” Collaborative Music Project

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Hello everyone. I’m finishing up a new song over here and I need your help. Here’s what you do. Visit this site: http://justdep.com/2010/06/the-i-love-__________-global-collaboration-project/ Get your phone. Then Just click the widget below, it wi…

dep: the collection: SUPER WEEKEND SALE

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dep: the collection ONE WEEKEND ONLY This weekend and this weekend only, you can purchase dep: the collection exclusively and directly from the source. The new LP is going to the printers and will be available here very soon, so this is definitely…

The New justdep.com is Live

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Early this morning I launched the newly re-designed and rebuilt http://justdep.com built upon the Wordpress platform. It’s a blog for all things related to the electronic music that I produce and release. It’s chock full of nice social networking …

How Apple is Monopolizing the App Store!

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Here’s a perfect example of why Apple bothers me.There are two excellent music streaming iTunes competitors out there. You have MOG and RDIO. The way the work is, you pay a flat monthly fee and can stream your music through the web browser wheneve…

Instructions for Flying now available on Pandora

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My album, Instructions for Flying, is now available on Pandora.com. I’m very proud to have a second album posted there. Do drop by and start a station! :)http://www.pandora.com/music/artist/dep

The Future of Online Music

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We’re on the cusp of a very interesting revolution. We’ve been tipping the ice burg over the past year or two. It’s the streaming music revolution. This year and next, cloud-based music services are going to explode, and we’re all going to be alon…

New Track by dep featuring “Corleone”

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Ready for something a little different? Here’s a track I produced for singer and performer “Corleone” to lend his vocal talents to. It’s my spin on what would be a club track, but with a twist. I hope you like it. Corleone’s Facebook page is here….