Give Gmail all-device “Mailbox-Style” Snooze Functionality Right Now (no add-on req’d)

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Mailbox is awesome, but following the news that Dropbox added Condoleezza Rice to their Board of Directors (and Dropbox owns Mailbox), I found myself wanting something different.  What I loved most about Mailbox was the ability to snooze emails to some later date.  Come to find out, you can set this up with Gmail and it’s not […]

Phone Notifications on your computer with Android

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This morning I’m totally digging Remote Notifier for Android. With this app, you can receive phone notifications on your PC or Mac (you can download the desktop app here). Once you have things set up, whenever your phone gets a notification, be it…

Google Chrome, Quickly Close the Download Bar

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Google Chrome (or even better, Chromium) is a great browser. One annoyance for me, though was the download bar. You download something, the file finishes, but the bar remains, forever, until you actually mouse over and close it. There must be a fa…

Google Chrome: Shortcuts to websites from the URL bar

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One thing I really like about Firefox is the ability to give keyword shortcuts to bookmarks. Just create a bookmark, and next to keyword, just add a short abbreviation to jump to that site later. Nice! Chrome does this too, but it’s a little bit h…

Tweaking the Chrome Bookmarks Toolbar

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Power tip: Use CMD-SHIFT-B to quickly toggle turning your bookmarks toolbar off and on. Nice for getting a little extra vertical space when you need it.

On Chrome’s Lack of Native RSS Support

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“Google Chrome is the only popular browser that doesn’t have native support for feeds: it doesn’t detect or preview feeds and it doesn’t let you subscribe to feeds using your favorite feed reader. Most of these features are available in Firefox, O…

Chrome’s “Pin Tab” Feature is Snazzy

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See how twitter is grayed out? Neat.

YubNub: A keyboard lover’s dream

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Then just try the following:y g google search termsy gmap Asheville NC to Chicago ILy imdb The Shiningy yelp Sushiy tweetit Your twitter updatey bitly And some of the more advanced ones!…

How to turn Gmail in to the Ultimate Social Bookmarking Tool

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I’ve been searching for the holy grail of bookmarking platforms. Something that will let me save bookmarks, tag them, send them to friends (and dialogue about them). Something that lets me and my friends collaborate on our bookmarks. I realized la…

Integrating in to Google Reader

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It’s nice to be able to send items in Google Reader to friends via IM or by Twitter. By adding a “Send to” shortcut to, this is even easier.1) Go to your Google Reader settings. Click on the Send To tab.2) At the bottom, click Create a Cust…