On Chrome’s Lack of Native RSS Support

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“Google Chrome is the only popular browser that doesn’t have native support for feeds: it doesn’t detect or preview feeds and it doesn’t let you subscribe to feeds using your favorite feed reader. Most of these features are available in Firefox, O…

Chrome’s “Pin Tab” Feature is Snazzy

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See how twitter is grayed out? Neat.

How to turn Gmail in to the Ultimate Social Bookmarking Tool

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I’ve been searching for the holy grail of bookmarking platforms. Something that will let me save bookmarks, tag them, send them to friends (and dialogue about them). Something that lets me and my friends collaborate on our bookmarks. I realized la…

Integrating Bit.ly in to Google Reader

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It’s nice to be able to send items in Google Reader to friends via IM or by Twitter. By adding a “Send to” shortcut to bit.ly, this is even easier.1) Go to your Google Reader settings. Click on the Send To tab.2) At the bottom, click Create a Cust…

Oh, google…

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Happy April Fool’s Day.

The official Google Moment is today and Asheville needs you!

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Calling all Asheville citizens, friends of Asheville, bloggers of Asheville: The city has set aside 1:30 PM today, Thurs, March 25th as a “Google Moment.” It’s a time to pause whatever you are working on and go nominate your town for the Google fi…

Old School Google

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Google Buzz Bookmarklet

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I whipped up a quick bookmarklet if you’re wanting to quickly share the webpage you’re on to your Google Buzz (assuming you have a google reader account. If you don’t go get one). For some reason Posterous wont let me post a link that has javascri…

Why Google is Poised to Dethrone Twitter and Facebook

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If you stop for a moment to ponder Google’s current offerings, one is left to wonder whether or not they’re planning a global restructuring of the way these things interact with one another in a way that would render both Twitter and Facebook mean…