Give Gmail all-device “Mailbox-Style” Snooze Functionality Right Now (no add-on req’d)

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Mailbox is awesome, but following the news that Dropbox added Condoleezza Rice to their Board of Directors (and Dropbox owns Mailbox), I found myself wanting something different.  What I loved most about Mailbox was the ability to snooze emails to some later date.  Come to find out, you can set this up with Gmail and it’s not […]

Pinboard Inlined: A Chrome and Safari Add-on

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BIG F**KING IMPORTANT UPDATE! I’ve hit my API limit rather quickly. It’s not cheap to keep it going, so I’ve made this add-on invite only for now. If you want to make a small monthly donation for access, just email me and I’ll set you right up. Hi there. You’ve probably heard of a bookmarking […]

Google, can we tighten this up, pls?

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Google+ Gmail Web Search Picasa… For some reason does +You instead of +Firstname Consistency in both tab order and color is needed!

Phone Notifications on your computer with Android

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This morning I’m totally digging Remote Notifier for Android. With this app, you can receive phone notifications on your PC or Mac (you can download the desktop app here). Once you have things set up, whenever your phone gets a notification, be it…

Google Chrome, Quickly Close the Download Bar

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Google Chrome (or even better, Chromium) is a great browser. One annoyance for me, though was the download bar. You download something, the file finishes, but the bar remains, forever, until you actually mouse over and close it. There must be a fa…


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Logitech Support for my Revue with Google TV. Horrible.

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Check out this completely ridiculous example of poor customer service. After scouring the web, the message forums, and posting a thread of my own (the video problems I’m having are documented there), I decided to contact Logitech customer support….

Google Chrome: Shortcuts to websites from the URL bar

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One thing I really like about Firefox is the ability to give keyword shortcuts to bookmarks. Just create a bookmark, and next to keyword, just add a short abbreviation to jump to that site later. Nice! Chrome does this too, but it’s a little bit h…

Tweaking the Chrome Bookmarks Toolbar

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Power tip: Use CMD-SHIFT-B to quickly toggle turning your bookmarks toolbar off and on. Nice for getting a little extra vertical space when you need it.

Google Transcript – For your life

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Thinking about Future Tech. Other cool things that are potentially down the road. On my Motorola Droid I’ve been experimenting with speech to text. The accuracy is actually quite good! Getting better all the time. These applications have the abili…