A Music Maker: My History

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I was just reflecting earlier today and realized, I have been at this “making music and putting it online” thing for a long time. Thanks to the magic of archive.org I was able to pull out some old versions of my site. It was an interesting process…

My Mayday Project is Complete

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Over at dep.fm I’ve been maintaining a project called Mayday where I wrote, recorded, and released one original song every day for the month. It was quite a project indeed. I’m thankful that it is over, because it was often hard to make time for it, but I did learn a lot about myself throughout […]

Bon Iver’s Perth (Piano / Electronica Cover)

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I usually post music-related posts at dep.fm, but since this is more of a “special event,” and more of a personal release, I wanted to syndicate this here, as well. For posterity, if anything. My favorite song of 2011 was, for sure, Bon Iver’s Perth from his 2011 self-titled release. It’s a beautiful piece. I […]

Album Release: Defiant Heart

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Hello, friends. I give you Defiant Heart. This is my electronic tribute to a personal hero of artistic creation, Dmitri Shostakovich, whose compositions have always had the ability to move me. The eight pieces below are meant to be heard in succes…

“Transfer” by dep

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The song is “Transfer” from the new “Start Loving the Robots”Get it here:http://justdep.com/2010/07/start-loving-the-robots/

Start Loving the Robots, the new album by dep, is available today.

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Now shipping on custom Robot USB thumbdrives. Melody, emotion, intricacy and power. These are the corner stones of dep’s latest full-length release, Start Loving the Robots. Sweeping, electronic anthems, bending and melting in to one another, as t…

“It’s the 4th of July” by dep

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Video by revPictures (http://twitter.com/dep) and featuring a sneak peek at the forthcoming new album by dep. More details here: http://justdep.com/2010/07/its-the-4th-of-july/ — Music really starts going at around 1:30 in. :)

“I Love ______” Collaborative Music Project

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Hello everyone. I’m finishing up a new song over here and I need your help. Here’s what you do. Visit this site: http://justdep.com/2010/06/the-i-love-__________-global-collaboration-project/ Get your phone. Then Just click the widget below, it wi…

dep: the collection: SUPER WEEKEND SALE

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dep: the collection ONE WEEKEND ONLY This weekend and this weekend only, you can purchase dep: the collection exclusively and directly from the source. The new LP is going to the printers and will be available here very soon, so this is definitely…

The New justdep.com is Live

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Early this morning I launched the newly re-designed and rebuilt http://justdep.com built upon the Wordpress platform. It’s a blog for all things related to the electronic music that I produce and release. It’s chock full of nice social networking …