C n00bery continues

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Competing admirably for the world’s most boring exercises! This one works with arrays, digit/character/whitespace counting. Also character in/out. woo! Here’s hoping I get to build something interesting soon. Reminds me of doing scales when you first pick up a new instrument. You just want to get to the music. Patience, my boy. Patience. #include <stdio.h> […]

C is decidedly dry so far…

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I mean C is basically JavaScript so far, with a slightly different syntax. Doesn’t stop the early chapters from being incredibly dull. I’ve decided to go as slow and casual as possible when starting out on a new language, so I don’t mind so much. Let the fun continue!

Being a n00b again.

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I’ve always been a front-end developer with longing, backend inspirations. I love the idea of building something from top to bottom. Front and back. From the design to the UI to the database. So I’ve decided to start filling in my developer gaps. Over the next year and a half, I’ve laid out a plan […]