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BIG F**KING IMPORTANT UPDATE! I’ve hit my API limit rather quickly. It’s not cheap to keep it going, so I’ve made this add-on invite only for now. If you want to make a small monthly donation for access, just email me and I’ll set you right up.

Hi there. You’ve probably heard of a bookmarking app called Pinboard. If you haven’t, allow me to introduce you. This is Pinboard:

Stark. White. Just a pile of links.

I’ve been a fan of the website for years, but I’ve often found myself frustrated by the lack of functionality. Why can’t it do more? Well good news, my friends. Now it can.

I’ve been working on a Chrome and Safari (Firefox as soon as I learn how to make a damned Firefox extension) add-on that adds some pretty great functionality to your beloved Pinboard.






Movie and TV Information

Oh, you might also be interested in my Pinboard addons for enhanced keyboard navigation on Pinboard Chrome – Safari — When combined the Pinboard Inlined, you have yourself something very powerful.