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Last updated: June 6, 2012

Better Clipboard enhances popular bookmarking site

Keyboard Shortcuts: By default, Clipboard doesn’t give you a whole lot of bookmark navigation or manipulation options. This will also enable you to “leap” to a tag without ever using the mouse. See below for the keyboard shortcuts that this extension will give you. Better Shortcuts:

? = show/hide this window

n or ] = next clip/board
p or [ = previous clip/board
g then a = go to all clips
g then b = go to all boards
g then l = go to likes
g then n = go to notifications
g then j = jump to a new tag

Selected Bookmark
[enter] = open selected
c (then cmd-c) = copy selected clip url
r = add reply to clip*
e = edit tags/mentions of selected clip*

* works in list/item view only

\ = enter 'type-ahead' to filter mode
h = toggle hide clutter

JUMP to a tag

Probably my personal favorite, with a quick “g, j” you can bring up a quick modal that allows you to dive in to a tag really quickly. For instance, “g, j” followed by “videos” would show me all of my bookmarks tagged “videos.”

Type-ahead! (experimental)

Just press “\” and you’re in “filter” mode. You can type-ahead mode and filter everything out of your view that doesn’t match what you type. Excellent! This is experimental and may have bugs.

I hope you find this helpful. Free free to leave comments or suggestions below.

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