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This morning I’m totally digging Remote Notifier for Android.  With this app, you can receive phone notifications on your PC or Mac (you can download the desktop app here).  Once you have things set up, whenever your phone gets a notification, be it a text message, voicemall, missed call, low battery, etc, you will also receive a message bubble on your computer.  Very cool if you are away from your phone or listening to music.

Furthermore, you can set apps to automatically execute on certain notifications.  For instance, I use Google Voice for my phone number.  This is very handy, because when I get an SMS on my phone, I’ve set the Remote Notifier app to automatically launch Google Voice on my computer when that happens.  Here’s the command to do that on a Mac (I’m using Chromium, but you can substitute your browser name there):

open -a Chromium

Pretty handy, and a quick way to get to SMS from my computer instantly.