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Now shipping on custom Robot USB thumbdrives.

Melody, emotion, intricacy and power. These are the corner stones of dep’s latest full-length release, Start Loving the Robots. Sweeping, electronic anthems, bending and melting in to one another, as the music swells and subsides — it is music to awake the mind and stir the soul. If you like unique, lush electronic music, this is for you.

Start Loving the Robots, my newest, is available for purchase and comes shipped directly to you on a specially made USB robot thumb drive universally compatible with whatever operating system you’re using. On the 1 GIG little depbot, you’ll find both high-quality MP3 and uncompressed, super-quality WAV versions of the new album, bonus tracks not available anywhere else, album-related photography, bonus copies of 2010′s “Yes, but only if we walk forever,” and 2009′s “Instructions for Flying” in MP3 format, and, of course, re-usable storage that you can use for whatever you want once you’ve transferred the music off of it.

Think of it as getting my newest album as well as my last two albums, as well as an awesome little USB robot thumb drive that you can re-use as many times as you want.

How much? They’re only $15 (+ $3.50 shipping), but are in very limited availability. Get Yours Now.

Listen to the album now and order your USB robot for bonus material: