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Here’s a perfect example of why Apple bothers me.

There are two excellent music streaming iTunes competitors out there.  You have MOG and RDIO.  The way the work is, you pay a flat monthly fee and can stream your music through the web browser whenever you want. Unlimited.

Recently, they have developed iPhone applications so that you can stream that same collection from your mobile device.  Cool, huh?  That is, until they send them to the App Store for Apple approval and Apple doesn’t approve them (check out those links for stories relating to their apps being inexplicably blocked).

Apple is intentionally stalling on approving these apps because they compete with iTunes.  Simple as that.  They are monopolizing the streaming music industry.  Why? Because they have been prepping a streaming iTunes service for months now.  It’s the same reason they shut down Lala.

Not only are they killing competition by buying smaller guys and shutting them down, but they’re preventing similar services from being available in their App store.  It’s a total weird situation because look it: Apple also makes software.  They sell that software in their application marketplace.  Their competitors… THEIR competitors sell similar (and better/cheaper/etc) products in the SAME store (owned by Apple).  Or at least are trying to.  Apple will not let them.

Are you as annoyed as I am by now?  Maybe you aren’t if you’re ok with Apple limiting the market on their flagship products (iTunes) inside their flagship products (iPhones) for the masses.

THINK ABOUT IT.  If there were other options readily available to iPhone users, services that let them access the SAME music for far cheaper, it would spell immediate doom for their entire service. DOOM!  Unless they had something comparable.   But it’s not ready… And if they approved RDIO and MOG mobile apps, this would give their iTunes users a window to switch.  They’re trying to eliminate this window by stalling these app approvals until the iTunes streaming app is ready.  Those sneaky bastards.

It’s not right. Their thinking here is rotten.  Sadly, they can’t be stopped.  No one’s willing to give up their dear, dear Apple products.

Take a step back and look at that though. Think about it.  It’s not fair. THIS IS HAPPENING.