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dep: the collection


This weekend and this weekend only, you can purchase dep: the collection exclusively and directly from the source. The new LP is going to the printers and will be available here very soon, so this is definitely the best way to obtain the entire catalog before the new album is released. This is the perfect way to show your support and to help me fund the expense involved with releasing a physical album. You are the best!

For a two-day only super-sale price of $10, while supplies last, you will receive one signed, printed copy of Instructions for Flying with sweet album art. Along with that, you’ll receive the 2010 release Yes, but only if we walk forever, 2009 full LP nothing to undo : nothing to redoquietlightdep: a live albumSounds from a Toy Phone, and Urban Adaptation all combined and neatly organized on a single disc for easy transfer to your own music device… FOR $10!!! You can’t get anything for $10 these days. But you CAN get some great music, and support an indie producer to boot! I will personally love you forever.

That’s 7 albums, 69 tracks (heh. look at that!), hours and hours of music. For $10 f**king bucks! It all ends after June 20.

So if you like electronic music… Like good electronic music that’s more than just repetitive beats and the like.  Then this would be for you.

Details here: