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YubNub is a keyboard lover’s wet dream.  There’s not much you can’t do from your URL bar just using YubNub and any browser that lets you do custom searches or keyword shortcuts on bookmarks.  Today I’ll just show you on Firefox.

1. Go to
2. Right-click on the big search textbox and choose “Add a keyword for this search”
3. I like simply the letter y.

Now you can tap in to the power of YubNub’s database from your URL bar.

Here are some cool things you can do.  Just put your cursor in to your URL bar.


Then just try the following:

y g google search terms
y gmap Asheville NC to Chicago IL
y imdb The Shining
y yelp Sushi
y tweetit Your twitter update
y bitly

And some of the more advanced ones!

create pdf file of any webpage:
y site2pdf

combine commands together:
y mash2 radiohead -cmd g y bing gimg
y mash2 Asheville -cmd wiki g gimg

split URLs in your window:
y split

Here are a gazillion more:

Have fun!