paperWatches for facer: android wear edition


inspired by nowPaper and with the art of Alex Pasquarella comes paperWatches! please consider donating to the artist and picking up nowPaper. It's a gorgeous app. credit for the idea of this suite of watchfaces also goes to reddit user fodawim who created and posted the original 'Mountains' watchface. inspired, i just took it upon myself to build upon that framework. i'm working towards a v2.0 that incorporates dynamic weather elements and a better battery display, but I'll probably wait for the Google Watchface API for that and release these in the Play store.

the goods

follow the links below for the square or round variants of the faces. the following faces were tested on an LG G.

plains v1.1
square | round
tahoe v1.1
square | round
austin v1.1
square | round
chicago v1.1
square | round
san francisco v1.1
square | round


If you have problems with the weather, ensure your location is set properly and close/re-open Facer.


  1. download the Facer android app.
  2. load the facer app on your phone and set up your weather settings in the app's settings menu.
  3. follow the download links below using your phone's mobile browser.
  4. android will ask you if you want to open the watchface using Facer. choose yes.
  5. if for some reason you're forced to download the .face file, use the import button from within Facer and navigate to the downloaded watchface.
  6. ensure that Facer is your watchface and sync the watch to your watchface.
  7. if you see the #WCT# weather tags on first load, ensure your weather settings are correct and load the watchface. if they persist, restart Facer.